Tel. +39 339 183 6235 the past the harvested grapes were simply crushed with the legs in a tub. Nowadays this activity, like so many others, was taken over by a device: the so-called “Rebl”. It is a grape mill – formerly made of wood, today made of steel – that removes the grape seeds from anything that could have an unpleasant influence on taste and quality of the wine. Two iron rollers are attached to two poles (for carrying and placing it on the container) further it consists of an iron rod with pins for de-stemming and pressing the mash; on top of this lies a removable wooden funnel for collecting the mash. The pure fruit – and nothing but the fruit – can now be processed.

..our REBL is the “chick” among our flats, since renovated and newly converted in 2020: located on the first floor, it has 2 bedrooms (children’s room with the option for a third bed), bathroom with freely accessible shower, kitchen, living room, lounge. The large terrace invites you to dine outside, while the balcony offers a great view of our garden.

Season 2024

Prices Rebl

(2-5 people)


€ 140,00 - € 154,00

January - June


€ 151,00 - € 166,00

July - December

*Rates are to be intended per apartment and day, by a occupation of 2-4 persons. Charges for each additional adult person sharing the apartment, please contact us. For bookings of more than 12 days you join a special offer.