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We are also very child-friendly here at Lochererhof. There are many things for the children to do. There is a playground for the kids, a swimming pool and lots of areas for the little ones to relax and rage. There is even a small soccer field where also Hockey or Volleyball can be played. We can set up badminton and table tennis in our gardens, and there is also a football table – all great things to pass the time at home.


Because our home is so relaxing and sunny, we are sure that even the smallest will be able to relax and enjoy themselves here. What’s more, our three children are always happy to have new kids to play with.

We also have a little petting zoo with lots of chickens, mini-pigs, rabbits, birds, ponies, goats, sheeps, cats… which children always love. Our children would also be happy if your kids helped hand feed our little critters, and they would be happy to explain all sorts of interesting things about them! Because of all the animals we have, we hope you understand that we have to speak about any pets that would like to join you on your stay with us before you arrive, to see if they will get along with our animals on the farm.

BBQ pros, or anbody who would like to become one, can try out their barbecue skills in our gardens. There is a big grill with pizza oven. Those who like things a bit easier, or even more romantic, can relax by our fireplace, where, quite a few times, people have cooked pizza or delicious sausages.

We can also provide everything for babies including: table seats, cots, baby baths, toilet seats and potties.